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Who we are

The company was established in 2005 and is headquartered in Lille, France, at crossroads between major financial and information centres (Brussels, Paris, London and Amsterdam). Research, production and editing are done at several locations. Our team is able to conduct sectoral analysis in commodities, banking, telecoms and industry socio-cultural assessments and factors affecting investment (price, regulation etc.).  
StrategiCo. has a network of experts on Africa and the Middle East , in several sectors such as commodities (fossil oils, petroleum products, soft commodities in agriculture), infrastructure, manufacturing, services (banks, telecommunication). We work in English, French, German and Spanish.  
Lydie Boka, Manager, has over 20 years professional experience in project finance, financial information, economic intelligence and economic and political risk analysis in developing and emerging countries. A graduate from the Diplomatische Akademie of Vienna, Austria, her background is in international economics and finance.  
Our services cover:
  • Financial analysis
  • Economic analysis
  • Political risks
  • Investment risk analysis
  • Project finance ( Small and Medium Enterprises or SME, commodities, infrastructure and telecommunication)
Our services are for all types of investors, at various levels: CEOs, financial directors, treasurers, Planning officers, Investment officers, international staff.
  • Companies : SME, multinationals ( agri-business, fossil fuels, petroleum products, metals ), insurance companies. We are able to provide an analysis on stability of government, any threats from the army and/or religious groups or any other entity in general. We have conducted studies for various investors and worked on recovering assets after fraudulent company liquidations in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are competent for extensions of businesses as well as “Greenfield” operations.